Surveilling of our kids is very important when the consequences of today’s technology become cyberbullying and harassment. Parenting a teenager is a big task of emotions and it is exhausting even much more than running away all the time behind a toddler.

Children often insist to have a cellphone in the initial stages of their school by saying; our all friends have a smartphone and we need it too. Or they would say what if any accident happens to us? Who will inform you about us? Isn’t it better to have our cell phone connect with you immediately?

And like every good parent you need to understand this fact that their first phone should be an iPhone. You can set restrictions like there should be no cell phone at mealtimes or no phone usage overnight but there are other ways too through which your child can misuse the device and you will be unaware.

OgyMogy mobile tracker is the best choice for you to monitor your kid online and be with them even you are not physically being there. Let’s discuss the amazing features and get to know why this app has prime importance among others.

View Incoming and Outgoing Calls on Your Child’s Device

Get alerts and record all the incoming and outgoing calls on their devices and have a view to whom they are talking. If they are in contact with any stranger you can follow them to know what their intentions are regarding your kid. Are they trying to harm them? Or grab money from them? Or intended to damage them emotionally, mentally, or physically? You can get information regarding all these matters and keep your kid on the safe side.

Keep an Eye on Social Media Accounts

Social media provides awareness to everything that is happening around but it also imposes a real danger because almost 51 % of the cyberbullying takes place through Facebook which is a social platform most of our kids are using. So, parents are responsible to tell their kids about the misuse of their phones and keep eye on their social accounts to see their messages, group conversations, audio, and video calls, fiend list, etc.

Track Your Kid Exact Location

OgyMogy mobile tracker has the best GPS to locate your kid anytime. Track their exact location and be there in no time. In case they face an accident or they are with the wrong person who is trying to cause harm to them you can take the charge in this situation and report the police immediately to prevent your precious ones from any further harm. You can also catch your kids if they are lying to you that they are going to school but they are at a public place to attend a live concert with their friends.

Get Live Videos

Get live videos of your kid’s activities by monitoring them on their iPhones. See their online activity that what they are doing and what type of company they are keeping. You can also ensure their safety this way by getting live updates regarding their interests and daily tasks. If you are afraid that they are involved in unethical activities and watching inappropriate stuff then this software is the best in offering you every single moment of their lives when you are not present with them.

Live Screen Recording of Your Child’s Mobile

This feature is the best among all as it shares the live screen of their device with you. Whatever they are typing, watching, downloading, processing, sharing you can watch all. This app shares its instant activities live with you. Now you can see which movie they are watching, to whom they are video calling, which websites they are opening. You can simply warn them in case you caught them watching porn and other unnecessary websites.

Though the market is full of such apps that spy on your kid’s phone OgyMogy mobile tracker is one of the most reliable and easy to process apps that provide the best above-discussed features on your kid’s iPhone. So, visit their website today and enjoy your weekly or monthly packages now.