Sending out cards around the holidays is a tradition people have enjoyed for generations. For those who plan on mailing out business Christmas cards, there are a number of key advantages to expect. Touching base with your clients during this time of year can make them feel appreciated and give your brand a boost in visibility. Of course, you may not know exactly what to write. If you want a little help, review these suggestions on how to craft the perfect messages for your company Christmas cards.

Consider Your Audience

Every business is unique. This means that there is no specific template you can follow in order to find the best message for your cards. While reviewing examples online can provide inspiration, your final draft should be written with your audience in mind. Who are your customers? The specific recipients of the cards will dictate everything from the tone of the message to the designs you select. Failing to think about what these individuals prefer can lead to cards that fall flat instead of inspire joy.


For example, your brand might be more on the fun and engaging side of the spectrum If this is the case, don’t weigh the message of your card down with too much sentimentality or sappiness. While a little sweetness is nice, you’ll find crafting a message that is silly or humorous can land better with your target audience. Conversely, organizations that err on the serious side may wish to keep their messages succinct and direct. 

Pick Your Favorite Holiday Phrase

There’s no shortage of options to pick from when it comes to thematic greetings for your company Christmas cards. From “merry Christmas” to “happy holidays” to “season’s greetings,” there are a ton of different ways to express yourself through your card. The message of your card should always begin with whatever phrase you pick, as it is an easy way to make an introduction that cuts to the heart of the matter. If you’re feeling in the right spirit, you may even want to work a few holiday puns into the mix to elicit a few laughs.

Mention Key Details

Your message should also include important information related to your business. Though this isn’t meant to be an advertisement of your services, per se, business holiday cards are a great opportunity to slip in some pertinent details. Whether you want to celebrate some victories from the previous year or you are excited about future promotions, this is your chance to get the word out and not lose the interest of the reader.

Keep Things Brief

Once, it was common practice for business or personal Christmas cards to contain messages that read like letters. Since attention spans are much shorter than they once were, writing out a long message is going to be an easy way to have your card placed to the side and never read. As a rule of thumb, keep what you write as brief as possible. The less there is for the eyes to take in, the less likely it is a person will simply skim and discard your holiday greeting.

The beauty of company Christmas cards is that the message is not always as important as the gesture itself. Show some appreciation to the people who contribute to your success by finding the right design at Cards for Causes and crafting a message that suits your brand.