Out of all the furniture, one piece of furniture that is common in every household is beds. The beds usually consist of a bed frame, headboard, footboard and the mattress. The bed frame is the most important component out of all since it supports other components, and therefore, it is extremely important to have a sturdy and strong bed frame. It is extremely crucial to have a good quality bed and mattress so that your health and sleep remains healthy and undisturbed. The biggest advantage of good quality beds is that it helps in achieving good back health and an undisturbed sleep cycle. A good and strong bed paired with the right mattress is exactly what you need to sleep peacefully.

What is a blockboard?

With the advancements in the plywood and decorative industry, beds are now available in numerous types and are made of different types of boards, woods and plywood. One of the most prominent materials used nowadays in making furniture is the blockboard. Blockboards are the significantly new kind of engineered wood that is extensively being used in the place of plywood these days. Blockboards can be easily used in making beds, shelves, doors, benches, wall panelling and innumerable more things. Blockboards usually comprise of a body made of wooden strips or battens between the two layers of wood veneers. It is predominantly used when there is a requirement of a lengthy piece of wood which will make the furniture sturdy, stiff and resistant to bending.

Why should you consider block boards for stronger beds?

Before going with blockboards for building your furniture, make sure that you are well aware of its properties and features. Some of the prominent reasons which will convince you to consider blockboards for building your furniture and, most importantly, your beds are:

       Strength and Durability

Blockboards are moderately strong, unlike softwoods which have low strength and are on the softer side. The blockboards are comparatively strong as compared to MDF and particle boards. They are not as strong as plywood but can easily endure acceptable loads even with low density. They have decent dimensional stability and are lightweight than the plywood, which makes them durable. Moreover, their less density makes them easy to handle and transport.


Blockboards are made to be waterproof by using BWP (Boiling waterproof) grade resin for binding the strips.

       Resistant to cracking, warping, sagging and bending

The blockboards are moderately resistant to cracking and warping since they have fair dimensional resilience when they are exposed to humidity. Moreover, they are also resistant to bending and sagging due to their inflexible structure. Blockboards are highly preferred when building any element or furniture with more than six to seven feet of height.

       Thermal and sound insulation

Blockboards are also used in areas where soundproofing is needed, such as radio stations, recording studios, partitions etc. Blockboards are poor conductors of electricity, heat and sound, due to which they provide good thermal and sound insulation properties.

       Provides ease of working 

Many carpenters prefer working with blockboards because they offer ease of working. The blockboards do not split while cutting, and regular woodwork tools can be used for cutting them.


With so many features and properties, you can easily go with blockboards for building your beds. There are several companies selling blockboards in the market, but the best ones are the CenturyPly Blockboards. The blockboards offered by CenturyPly are of the highest quality and can be easily used for making most of the furniture pieces. CenturyPly has been offering the best quality products to its trusted customers for a long time now, and buying CenturyPly blockboards will keep you assured of the quality. One can undoubtedly go with CenturyPly blockboards to gain the maximum benefit of a blockboard.