Cooking gas stoves and tops are exposed to a lot of rough cooking that can choke the appliance and lower the efficiency of the same. It is essential to keep the appliance in a running condition so that foods cooked on it produce rich flavours and taste. Due to usage, the cooking stoves and tops attract dirt and grime that is hard to remove, if left unattended for a long time. Hence, it is important to attend to such issues timely so that the accumulated dirt does not pose a threat to healthy cooking. The best action that you can take to ensure to avoid such a situation is to keep the gas stove and burners clean. So, let us read the article and find tips and tricks on how to clean a gas burner?

A dirty gas stove can appear ghastly and if you have guests at home, then such a sight can cause embarrassment too. The difficult to reach areas of the gas stove add to your tension. The gas stoves have parts like grates and burners that may appear difficult to clean and intimidate you. But the problem is not as grim as it may appear. Especially if you take care of the gas stove and burner cleaning regularly. So, make it a point to clean your gas stovetop after cooking each meal to have a spotless burner top. Also, ensure to clean the burner properly if there is a spillage after cooking. It is simple and ensures the longevity of the appliance.

Now, comes the obvious question. How to clean the gas top/burner?

Gas burners that form the most important part of your gas stovetop are attached to the gas intake valve located at the top or front of the stove. This is attached to the main gas line. Due to cooking, the food items spill on the sides and top of the burner that can clog the smooth flow of the gas. If you do not take an instant step to clean this spillage, it will get hard and deposit on the surface thus blocking the passage of gas flow. Let me give you a tip here. The moment you see that the flame is yellow or irregular, be sure that your burner requires a clean-up. Besides, at this point, it is also essential to clean the burner once a week so that the situation of gas blockage can be kept at bay.

You may have your gas manufacturer’s manual that has instructions to clean the gas burner. Keep the manual handy so that you can consult it whenever required and ensure that your gas stovetop and burner is spotlessly clean.

Let us first see the effective ways to clean the gas stove burner:

     Read the manual

Read the manufacturer’s manual first to understand your gas stovetop and burner cleaning tips. The manual may have suggestions that are useful. It can also consist of the name of the suggested products that can be used for the effective cleaning of the burner and the gas top. So, do not ignore the manual and read it thoroughly to get the best idea.

     Remove the burners

Before starting the process of touching the burner for cleaning, always ensure that you remove or shut the gas valve so that safe administration of the procedure is executed. Burners that are old may have ceramic discs sitting on top of the burner that should be diffused. Ensure the burner is cool by lifting the disc off the burner.

     Burner heads should be removed

Under the burner caps, sits the burner heads that can be easily lifted after removing the burner caps/grills.

     Cleaning solution

Make a cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Drop the burner caps and burner heads into the solution. Allow these to sit in the solution for half an hour. This is helpful to loosen the dirt/grime/debris on the parts of the gas stovetop. Warm water will act as the loosening agent and the soapy solution will help in cleansing the parts.

     Scrub burner heads and caps

The burners heads and caps may require detailed treatment for a better clean-up. So use an old toothbrush or a scrubber with soft bristles to clean the burner heads and caps/grills. You can use a paperclip to clean the port inside out but do not use a toothpick that may break and further clog the pores.

If you have stubborn stains on the burner heads and caps, then you can make a paste of baking soda and water in equal quantities. Scrub the required parts with the paste and wipe with a clean cloth to discover the best results.

Be cautious and never use a steel scrubber or bleach to clean the burner caps/grills or heads.

     Rinse the parts

Once the scrubbing is done, you can place the parts under clean running water. Now, you can wipe the parts with a clean cloth and allow them to air-dry. Here, drying plays a pivotal role because if you reinstall the parts without drying then the flame will be irregular.

     Reassemble the parts

Now, since every part of the gas stovetop is dried, you can reassemble these back. Put the right part on the required portion of the appliance. If the stovetop requires a quick clean-up, do it. You will be impressed with your endeavour when you see the results. It will be a complete treat to your eyes!

Final Thoughts

Postponing the cleaning drive of the gas stovetop and burner is not a good idea at all because the accumulated dirt and grime can cause bacteria that poses a threat to cooking. You will never like to cook meals for your loved ones on a cooktop that is infected with bacteria, right? So, the easiest way to ensure healthy cooking is to indulge in routine cleaning of the gas stovetops and burners. Moreover, the market has a good stock of such cleaners that you can buy to get the desired results.