An orbital stretch wrapper is a quick and secure solution to package products that are long or unique in shape. When the load is fed into the machine, the roller wraps the sheet fully around the product in both vertical and horizontal directions, providing complete sealing and protection.

Stretch wrap machines are used in a variety of sectors to wrap various sorts of cargo and transport them safely. Large panels, wood planks, pipes, and other irregularly shaped and sized items represent a significant challenge for standard stretch wrap equipment.

Using an orbital wrapping machine, as opposed to hand wrapping, is simple, less time-consuming, and appropriate for high-volume applications. An orbital stretch wrap machine could be a helpful addition to your industrial equipment if your business involves the packing and transportation of goods with odd shapes and sizes.

1. Improve Productivity by Using an Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Manually wrapping large objects can be laborious and exhausting. Orbital stretch wrappers can work automatically and dependably produce high-quality products. It is far more efficient than human wrapping and allows no space for error. It also reduces labour expenses by eliminating the need to cut and secure the films after each cycle, making it a simple and quick process.

2. Low-Cost Wrapping with an Orbital Stretch Wrapper

An orbital stretch wrapper is far less expensive than conventional techniques of packaging huge goods. Manually applying stretch wrap takes time. These devices can pay for themselves by increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of labour required. Remember that time is money.

3. Use an Orbital Stretch Wrapper to Increase Warehouse Safety

It might be tough to physically stretch wrap lengthy and awkwardly shaped things, especially when they are heavy. To wrap, these pieces must be lifted and rotated. Constant bending and lifting raises the risk of back pain. Manual wrapping not only puts your employees at risk of injury, but it also puts the environment at risk.

4. Professional and Consistent Wrapping Technique Using an Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Maintaining a continuous coating of stretch film guarantees that your items are adequately secured and preserved. An Orbital Stretch Wrapper aids in the uniform application of stretch film around the load. Neat and consistent packaging conveys a professional impression that indicates the company’s concern for its products and customers.

5. Use an Orbital Stretch Wrapper to Improve Load Integrity

It is critical to ensure that your loads are properly secured for safe transportation of commodities. If your items are not tightly wrapped, they may become loose in shipment. This can result in product damage or create a safety problem. The use of an orbital wrapping machine guarantees that the holding force is maintained at at the proper amount, preserving load integrity.

The size and shape of the product are critical in the stretch wrapping procedure. Stretch wrapping technology that is specific to the length of the product is required. Orion has a range of orbital stretch wraps that can accommodate large weights.

Variability in carriage configuration, ring size, and RPM are among the features of the Orion Orbital Constellation. This system can support a maximum weight of 4,000 pounds. Products are effectively wrapped with precision and security.