Whether you are planning to hire WordPress Developer Melbourne or improving your skills, you need the best understanding. With so many platforms choices in the market, it might be challenging to decide if you have the right resource. The below image depicts how WordPress usage has increased by far:


Source: Google Trends

WordPress has a considerable market share of about 61.8% as a Content Management System. It is one of the biggest reasons to grow the popularity of your website. 

Must-Have Skills to be an efficient WordPress website Developer:

1.    WordPress Fundamentals

HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS is the method to assemble the website. HTML is a language that displays the structure of the WordPress site. Knowing these languages helps to comprehend the web functions and gives you control over your website. Some important subjects that a developer must use are:

      WordPress terminologies


      WP functions

      Template hierarchy

      Admin navigation

WordPress Plugins, Libraries, Page Builder, and Frameworks

WordPress website developer has a good understanding of the platform from scratch. The core functionality of the WordPress includes:

      Frameworks: The WordPress themes are built on very light features.

      Plugins: They help in extending the functionality of WordPress websites. These come in handy while building custom websites that need to match specific criteria.

      Page Builders: They have gained popularity over the years, and developers need to review the documentation for better understanding.

      Code Libraries: JavaScript libraries have been helpful to add animations and other effects on the website. It might take time to grab on JavaScript, but it will be beneficial.

Understanding Website Designs

A professional WordPress developer Melbourne will understand the importance of having a perfect website design. Several things that make your website designing more efficient:

  • Typography Settings: Font size, font family, paragraph spacing, bullet size, and line height.
  • Heading Hierarchy: Text is not the only style. It is essential to know the H1, H2, and more
  • Measures: This decides the padding between unique elements
  • Layers: They will help to distinguish between images and their effects.

Project Planning

After knowing all the requirements, a skilled WordPress developer must build a structured plan for the website. The following knowledge will help in doing so:

  • Setup an IDE: There are many cost-effective and simple code editors that help build an Integrated Development Environment. Such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, or any such platforms.
  • Access the server: A local environment can use to build a website seamlessly. It would be best if you select the website host to run it successfully.
  • MySQL: WordPress developers should know about this platform to deal with databases.

Quality Check

As a WordPress developer, you need to check every element of the website regularly. It would be best if you focus on things like:

  • Design Review: Ensure that it matches your customer’s requirements and expectations.
  • Functional Recheck: Going through all the necessities and making sure that code is updated regularly
  • Responsive Views: Check if the website responds to mobile devices of different platforms and sizes.
  • Cross-Browser: Check your website response on various browsers like Chrome, Safari, and more.
  • Code Format: It is a clean method that helps other developers to understand and review the code whenever needed.

What does an experienced Melbourne WordPress Developer should know?

  • Hypertext Markup Language will help in assembling the best structure for the website.
  • CSS handles the visual appearance of your WordPress website.
  • JavaScript is a primary interactive component. It is vital for the frontend developers
  • SEO helps gain better ranks on the search engines
  • The website and application must be suitable for different gadgets
  • They should have the capacity to think rationally and logically. This helps to plan creative and successful strategies for the website
  • Ability to set clear targets which helps in improving the performance and deliver things on time
  • They must have experience in sales. When you hire WordPress Developer, they will be selling your website, plugins, themes, and much more.
  • They should be efficient in performing marketing which is critical for your business.

How does WordPress Development Melbourne transform your website?

Solid Planning

This is a real asset for WordPress website developers. It is a great idea to step back from development and build a detailed plan for your online business.

Eye for Marketing at right places

Another skill that WordPress developers require is to market your services and products efficiently. Marketing is something that must be mastered like any other technical skill to grow in the market.

An understanding to Move ahead

Not every strategy you build will be successful, and there may be cases when it doesn’t go your way. That is the time to recognize your weakness and move ahead with a better plan towards success. 

The thirst to do more!

An experienced WordPress Development Melbourne will help in staying updated with the latest trends and technologies. They will always ponder around the idea, “What’s next?”
Wrapping it up!

These things will help you know the skills expected from a successful WordPress Developer Melbourne. You can do a lot with the right technical and non-tech skills on your website if you have the right resources. WordPress website design and development always needs the right way to gain expected results.