When you think about a dinner party maybe the things come to your mind that, it’s like a 40’s – 50’s black & white movie with long gowns and coats. But seriously believe me it is not like that. A dinner party is one of the cheapest and easiest parties to spend your valuable time with your favorite persons. And when it comes to a business dinner party, it will be more valuable and luxurious. Throw an office dinner party you can enjoy with your friends or make some deals as well as impress your boss. But the thing is that organizing an office dinner party is not a simple thing because you have to engage a luxurious and attractive party so that your guests can enjoy it.

Office Dinner Party

In this article we will show you the full planning to organize your business dinner party; so let’s start:

What’s the occasion?

Before organizing your party, figure out the purpose of the party so that you can plan according to the purpose. Is the motive of the party a client meeting or it is a celebration party for your achievement or it’s a get together with your office friends.

Select your guests:

Select your guests according to the motive of the occasion. If you organize a client or business meeting, you don’t have to invite the whole office staff; invite only the necessary people. If you organize an achievement party you should invite the whole office staff and if you organize a friend’s party then invites the friends you want.


Though it is an intimate gathering you can send invitations in a formal way as well as informal way but it is better to send mail with party time, date and place with some regards so that your guests will get excited for the party.

Select your party location:

Select the location which is perfect for the occasion. If you organize a get together party you can plan this at your home. And if you organize a big party you can choose your nearest restaurant or your garden.


Because you organize a dinner party for business purposes, you should want to get the best Centerpiece. So you can decorate the party with some seasonal flowers, candles, lights but it totally depends on the theme. But candles and flowers are always best for every party. You can set up seating chairs and tables with some beautiful clothes so that the chairs look good. Arrange a food corner where everyone gets the drinks.


It is better to book a caterer because you don’t want to cook in the kitchen with heat instead of enjoying the party. So arrange a nearest caterer who can serve drinks, foods and also cook your favorite dishes so that you can get some time to talk with your guests. You can also arrange some starter, barbeque, and drinks so that your party looks more attractive and luxurious.

Go to the location early:

If you organize the party at any restaurant or any other location, reach the location at least 30 minutes ago. So that you can greet your guests and see whether your party is going well or not.

A memorable party:

Your guests have arrived, food is cooked, the table is stunning; now what should they do. Without any activities your party seems something missing. You can play so many games such as dice games, card games. The most popular games to play with one dice are pig, going to Boston, sevens, poker dice etc.


It’s quite tough to remember each and every planning step in your mind. So you can set up a plan in a copy or in a reminder so that you don’t forget anything.