High school is a place where you prepare for your college and generally have a plan in your mind about what future endeavours you are going to take in the course of higher studies. It is also a place where studies and curriculum get more challenging and you need to manage your studies better to be able to grasp a large amount of information in a single term.

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Studying better mostly involves better concentration, understanding, retention, and rest, and finding a balance among these. These are the essential elements that you should have in mind when growing your studying habits. Every habit you develop to improve your studies should involve finding the right balance among these aspects.

So, exactly how to study better in a Bangalore high school? Let’s find out.

      Maintain a Schedule

Sticking to a schedule is extremely important to help you study better. Your brain builds pathways over time and repeated practice. Studying better involves building those pathways and mental muscles. Repeated practice, i.e., studying regularly, if possible at fixed times in a day, will help build those muscles which will help you study better. So, set aside around 75 minutes to 2 hours of study regularly apart from your homework. You can break down these minutes into several chunks of smaller intervals.

      Spaced Learning

The time you have set aside for regular studying needs to be utilized in the right manner. Studying for long hours almost always involves a flick in concentration, and trying to absorb a lot of information in a short time, i.e., cramming your mind with a lot is not an effective way of studying. Most of the information gets stored in the short-term memory and is as quickly lost as it is gained.

An effective way of studying, experts say, is called spaced learning. Spaced learning involves studying for several chunks of a shorter period, say about 20-30 minutes, and reviewing what you have learned at regular intervals. This method is a highly effective method through which information gains a more prominent place in the long-term memory of students and helps them retain better.

      Build the Right Study Environment

Managing your study environment is as important as building good study habits. Follow these guidelines when managing your study environment.

      Use the Same Study Space

First, you have to find a space for your studies. A place where no one will disturb you for a considerable period. Avoid common places like halls for studying. And in any situation, do not study in or on your bed. You must keep your sleep space separated from your study space. The mind easily attaches activities with circumstances, and studying on your bed will make your mind ‘think’ into going to sleep or at the least, make you feel drowsy.

Once you have found a place, now you need to study regularly in the same space following the above techniques as discussed. Sticking to the same study space, ideally where you are comfortable with little disturbance can help a lot in focusing and studying better.

      Avoid Distractions

Put in the best effort to keep distractions away when you are studying. Make arrangements beforehand. Switch off your mobile phone for a few hours, turn off any electronic devices such as TV or gaming consoles to avoid the temptation of a ‘quick look’ at what is going on around you.

This might seem like a lot when you think of switching off your mobile phones, but to study better it’s one of the most important things you can do, and it’s worth the effort.

Experiment and adopt new Methods

Using several study methods ensures a complete understanding of what you learn. There are several techniques you can follow to study and understand better.

      Rewrite or Rephrase

After going through study material, always take time to rewrite the important portions in your own language. This will help you understand how much of the study material you have grasped completely and which portions need revisiting. The private schools in Bangalore will always teach you your course in the classes. Follow the classes closely and make a note of what you learned in your own language which can act as a future reference.

      Make Diagrams, Charts, Formula Sheets

Learn something and then use your newly gained knowledge to create your own diagrams, charts, formula sheets. This will not only help you learn in a far better manner but the charts you prepare will also act as a quick reference in the future when you revise them for your tests.


The final test to see if you have learned correctly is when you can teach someone what you have learned and answer their queries. So, after learning something, you can try teaching the same to someone else. It is a great way to filter information and summarize what you’ve learned.

These are some of the things you could follow to study better and secure good grades at any high school in Bangalore or elsewhere. Following these tips correctly will surely help you learn and retain better. Also, with all the things mentioned, do not forget to keep yourself attentive and comfortable to make the best out of your study sessions.