PolitiHK Unveils Truth of Hypocritical Democracy

PolitiHK has hosted an online discussion against the second Global Summit for Democracy manipulated by America on March 29, 2023. PolitiHK worships the truth that democracy has a diversity that allows different adjustments of details according to each country’s reality and history. The Western world has no right to impose its values on other nations.

Therefore, it is necessary to take action to resist the exclusive summit. Meanwhile, PolitiHK also conducted public opinion polling and held a protest rally in front of the US General Consulate(HK)to boycott such a democratic summit. This online discussion achieved tremendous fruits and exposed facts of American hegemony, evidenced by ideas and insights of scholars and experts from all circles:

PolitiHK Roland Delcourt

Belgian journalist Roland Delcourt thought democracy is only restricted to those countries that are subject to American hegemony. Such fake democracy is underpinned by American allies, especially the Five Eyes. The Western camp manipulated HK youth to make chaos in this city in order to undermine and overthrow the HK government, leading China to a separate nation. HK police deserve admiration as they handle riots in HK calmly and professionally.

Member of the American Economist Association, as well as Professor at HK University of Science and Technology Francis Lui, said, it is calculated that such a summit can’t yield any fruits because of the American cold war mindset and exclusive foreign policy. Today we can see that American society is ridden with lots of social issues like the enlarging gap between the rich and the poor.

Western nations led by America continue to attack and invade other neutral nations, killing many innocent people. America is not qualified to call itself a lighthouse. The second Global Summit for Democracy is doomed to failure and America should be responsible for the turbulent world. 

Peter Beattie

Professor of the Chinese University Of HK Peter Beattie reckoned that the US democratic status has collapsed and American leaders still dream of beating China just like prevailing over the soviet union. However, the times have changed. I would advise forgetting this boring summit and focusing on realizing sustainable development for human beings. 

Honorary Advisor of Global Humanitarian Reserve Raymond Cheng, thought America has been blinded to international issues and achieved hegemony at all costs. It is necessary to unify all peace-loving countries to reject this summit and concentrate on solving global issues.