It need not be mentioned how crucial education is in the process of honing a child’s present and future. To date, few schools believe that focussing on academics should be of predominant importance. However, this scenario is changing gradually. Many schools now consider the significance of integrating the co-curricular and extracurricular activities along with academics for the overall development of the students. Just like the other developing cities of India, Ahmedabad also has a wide spectrum of schools affiliated to various boards, providing quality education. There is no dearth of private schools in Ahmedabad, with world-class amenities. But one of the major problems that most of the parents come across while getting their wards admitted is the private school fees structure. Usually, the tuition fees charged by most private schools is beyond the income parameters of many families.

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GIIS Ahmedabad is an exception in this aspect. Being one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, the fee framework is quite reasonable and attainable for guardians. The fact that providing a comparatively low range of fee structure does not define the school to be one of the best, this article will unveil all the other aspects of GIIS and will introduce you to the features and facilities that can help your child to be a well-nurtured individual.

GIIS Ahmedabad consists of four school levels – pre-primary, primary, secondary and high school and it follows two curricula – GMP and CBSE.

The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program is for the pre-primary section. It facilitates the learning process via 5 pillars:

  1. Excelerate program
  2. Multi-faceted learning
  3. iPlay program
  4. iCare program
  5. Future-ready program
The CBSE program is for the kindergarten section to class 12. The CBSE curriculum approaches two crucial goals of GIIS:

  • Indulgence in an elevated level of reasoning skills.
  • Potentiality towards effective application of knowledge in a variety of contexts.
  • The stunning facilities provided by GIIS that ensures quality campus life for students of all ages and grades include a specialised pre-primary classroom, Montessori laboratory, kindergarten play area, kids’ pool, art & craft lab, library, maths lab, IT lab, audio-visual room, indoor sports, football ground and Mahatma Gandhi centre for universal values. It might seem to you that most of these facilities are provided by other renowned schools in Ahmedabad, so what makes GIIS different? The distinctive ambience provided by GIIS prioritises students’ happiness along with their academics.
  • The prime mission of the school is to instigate a curriculum filled with fun and joyful elements, thereby making the learning process an enjoyable and productive one. Broad parameters of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and other events and activities are organised by the school administrators with the assistance of the teaching faculty to ensure the overall development of the students by showcasing their talents and sharpening up their skills. This is done to encourage the students to develop social skills, critical thinking and teamwork and boost up their self-confidence.
  • Another differentiating and promising feature of GIIS is that the school appreciates parental involvement and engagement. The parents are constantly encouraged to participate in the school activities, as this allows them to experience the internal affairs of GIIS first-hand.
  • Coming to the admission part, the admission process of GIIS is uncomplicated and it is completed with 5 very easy steps. The academic process commences from April every, but the admission goes on the entire year. The registration process of the current year begins in August of the previous year and the reviewing of the application forms takes place in January. The first step of the admission process is filling up the online application form and submitting it before the deadline, followed by the other four steps which include counselling & assessment sessions, payment of the one-time non-refundable registration fees, payment of the admission and term 1 fees and furnishing of required documents respectively.
  • In case of any doubts or queries regarding the admission procedures or on any other matter, you can instantly reach out to the school authorities by filling up an enquiry form to schedule an appointment with them. GIIS also arranges for in-person campus tours or virtual meetings to provide you with a clear picture of the school infrastructure, amenities and facilities provided to the students.
  • GIIS also offers an array of scholarships to the students based on their meritorious academic and non-academic performances and their financial backgrounds. The list of scholarships are as follows-
  • Global citizen scholarship
  • Global future-ready merit scholarship
  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam global skills scholarship
  • 9GEMS holistic development scholarship

The holistic pedagogical framework of GIIS makes it one of the best cbse schools in Ahmedabad. It integrates the eastern and western learning methods giving a parallel focus on sports, skills and values, besides the world-class education.