Vaping is such a unique experience that everybody wants to try it. Vaping has become a must-try for all, whether they want to stop smoking or just experience the vaping flavours.

As a beginner, you can be drawn to vaping because it allows you to build massive, thick vape clouds, but not everyone prefers vaping for cloud-chasing. Some people want to get the most out of their vape experience by using as many flavours as possible.
On the one hand, some flavours produce huge clouds, while others are good for the taste.
This blog is for you if having a good tasting flavour of vape juice is important to you. We’re here to tell you how to maximize the flavour of your vape juice for a more enjoyable experience.

1. Wattage And Temperature Setting:

One of the best ways to improve the flavour of your vape juice is to adjust the temperature level.
Various temperature conditions bring out specific elements of the vape juice. This is because each flavour vaporizes at a particular temperature, and your coil’s heat is determined by your temperature setting.
That’s why flavour chasers can use a variable voltage/variable wattage device. As a result, they will alter the settings where the flavour is the maximum.

You can begin with a low setting and gradually increase the temperature to the desired level.

2. Prevent Vaper’s Tongue:

It’s possible that your tongue is preventing you from getting the most out of the flavour. If you taste the same flavour for an extended period of time, your tongue can become tired.
To avoid being annoyed with the flavours, switch them up and mix them up. This will keep you interested in the e-liquid flavours while also preventing you from being too exhausted with them.
Smelling coffee beans, sucking a lemon, or drinking water can also help to reset your taste buds.

3. Store Vape Juice Properly:

It is important to store your vape juice properly in order to maintain the flavour quality. Its flavour can eventually deteriorate if not properly stored.
To get the most out of your vape juice, keep it away from air, heat, and light. Store them in a cold, dry place. In this way, their flavour develops over time. 

There are also some e-liquid flavours that taste better after being kept for the longest time possible.

4. Decrease The Airflow:

The right strategy for people who want the most flavour is to reduce the airflow. As a result, it provides a denser, warmer vape with more flavour. To achieve this, use atomizers with customizable airflow systems. 

It’s necessary to regulate the airflow in the same way that we used to balance the temperature. Proper vapour production requires a well-balanced airflow.

5. Keep The Components Clean:

Everyone knows that the best vape juice flavour comes from a clean tank with fresh coils. You’ll note a difference in flavour if you keep it clean and new. 

Obviously, cleaning the components on a regular basis is not mandatory, but it is recommended, particularly when switching flavours.

This will not only extend the life of your vape device but will also enhance the flavour of your vape juice.

6. Balanced VG/PG Ratio:

Cloud chasers prefer high VG juice because it produces larger and smoother vapours; on the other hand, flavour chasers prefer high PG juice because it produces a good flavour.
Since PG is a little rough on the throat, you’ll get a vape juice that’s a combination of the two. 

Since we all have different preferences and taste buds, start with a 50/50 ratio and adjust accordingly to achieve the best and most balanced flavour.

Summing Up:

It’s been said that the ideal flavour is determined by your personal preferences and device. 

It all begins with a basic understanding of the device, clean parts, a balanced VG/PG ratio, and proper temperature control. All of the above suggestions can help to improve the flavour of your vape juice.

Please contact us if you need any flavour recommendations for vape juice. We can assist you by making recommendations for vape stores in the UK and around the world based on your preferences.