Is India prepared for the worst? How likely is the third wave of coronavirus or COVID-19 will affect the nation? Will it have a severe spread or moderate?


When The Third Wave Will Hit India?

The third wave of corona possibly hit the country around October-November 2021, as warned by health authorities. There is a possibility that the COVID-19 mutants will highly transmissible and immune escape this time. The second wave was a lesson for the health and medical department; the hospitals have to prepare for the worst. It is assumed; that this wave will affect children more than adults.

Are More Children Going to Infect from the Third Wave of Coronavirus?

The fact that vaccines are still unavailable in the country for the children, raise a concern that children might get affected more than adults. It is assumed that with the third wave of COVID, the corona virus mutants might spread faster than ever affecting on large scale. However, the second wave infected the children showing asymptomatic to mild symptoms. The common symptoms they developed during the second wave were:

  • Cold

  • Mild cough

  • Body pain

  • Fever

  • Loose motions

  • Abdominal pain

  • Vomiting

The unavailability of vaccines and the severity of pandemic stressed the parents about the safety of their children. Keeping an eye on the above symptoms, the timely precautions and measures can be taken. 


Need for a Strengthened Healthcare and Medical Facilities

The second wave was not severe as the first wave of corona, but stood with various challenges. The whole healthcare system was dismantled with the emergency calls for oxygen, hospital beds, workforce and medical facilities. The hospitals are preparing for additional facilities and increasing the availability of beds, making sure the amplified supply of oxygens. 

The vaccination campaign is going in full swing. “As per 11th September 2021, India has administered over 738 million doses overall, including first and second doses of currently approved vaccines”, says the data. The government is imposing restrictions and putting forth norms in several states, for controlling the possible spread of the third wave of the corona. Some states have already banned public events to pre-empt the possible third wave of corona.


Change in Economic Developments

With the severity of the pandemic, the economy of the nation will again trigger a massive recession. Innovations and developments are needed in the health care sector to curb the spread of the pandemic. Various start-ups have come with new ideas and innovative measures. 

The surfacing of the COVID-19 gave pace to services like online medical delivery, tele-consultancies, medical equipment and devices, etc. However, the other sectors of business might be shut down in case the lockdown is imposed, and have to face losses and challenges. Online businesses will get a lead and can aspect a hike in Information Technology sector.  

Precautions Over Hopes

There is, a continuous decline in corona positive cases in the past months, but the inevitability of the third wave of corona cannot be predicted. The second wave of COVID-19 taught painful lessons, and with those, this new wave might be even stronger. It depends on how people take these warnings. They can be aware of the upcoming pandemic or can ignore these warnings. The situation demands precautions instead of just being hopeful.