A British music teacher, John Collins, has said referenced that the well known Highlife music type didn’t begin from Nigeria thus Nigerians can not make a case for it, unlike their Igbo gospel Music.

Collins, who was responding to a case by Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Jupitar, that “Highlife isn’t Ghanaian music”, said the remark was not exact, reports Wikilifeng.

On a public broadcast, the UK-conceived teacher, who has lived in Ghana starting around 1969 said:

“Highlife isn’t Ashanti. It was initially Fanti and Ga and afterward, he [Jupitar] said it wasn’t Ghanaian. Right now, Nigerians are attempting to guarantee highlife, so he ought to be cautious about saying that.

“The actual word was designed in Ghana during the 1920s however what we get back to highlife goes perhaps 20 or 30 years sooner”, the music researcher with the University of Ghana said.

Giving a broad history on highlife, Prof John Collins noticed that in 1938, highlife was removed from Ghana to Nigeria by the Cape Coast Sugar Babies and afterward during the 1950s by E.T Mensah.

“At the point when I previously used to go to Nigeria during the 1970s, all the more seasoned age realize that highlife came from Ghana. It’s the more youthful age on the two sides, who appear to have forgotten where it comes from,” he made sense of.