The trend of online gaming has gained a lot of popularity with the rise of the MMORPGs also known as massively multiplayer online role-playing games. This makes it easier for people to connect via the internet and look for some of the best games that can allow them to become any character that they want to and play in real-time with people online. However, when you are gaming online you also risk your identity and location and many hackers use that to their advantage. Hence, you must safeguard your identity when you are gaming online. 

Today, many people make use of VPNs that help them to mask their IP addresses and use that to maintain their privacy and enhance their security as well. However, there are many other ways that you can use to safeguard and protect your identity. You can find out this here

Here are 5 ways to safeguard your identity as a gamer:

Update Your Firewall

Even before you decide to look for a VPN option for the gaming experiences you need to focus on securing your computer. For this, you need to update your firewall and ensure that you have the latest version. This will ensure that no one can hack into your computer and extract your valuable personal data and send virus-laden files. Most OEMs work hard to update their firewalls and keep them updated with the latest patches that you can use to safeguard your identity. 

Have a Good Password

A simple password can complicate things for you especially when you are interested in being a gamer online. Hence, you need to ensure that you have clarity on how you can pick a good password that is hard to crack. You must avoid using passwords that are your names or birth dates. These passwords are easy to crack, and most hackers would try that to quickly hack into your computer. However, you need to ensure that you can remember a good password when you want to log in. 

Play with Abstract Usernames

When you are playing games online you would want to keep a username that is very abstract and not your actual name. This would make it hard for the hackers to know who you are in person. Keeping your username, the same as your real name would allow people to know who you are, and your gender and they can gradually use that to find out more about you. Also, if you are playing with strangers, you should not reveal anything more than your username which is already visible. 

Pick Trusted Sources

If you want to keep your identity safe you want to ensure that you look for gaming sources that you can trust. Hence, you need to look for gaming sites that have a solid reputation for being safe. While this does not eliminate the threat of hacking completely it will at least minimize its chances. With some of the popular sites that have a good reputation of having actual players, you can ensure that you don’t bump into a hacker on the other side. However, you still have to be cautious and safeguard your identity. 

Use a dedicated gaming email address

Many gamers often give away their email address when they register online. This would allow hackers to sneak into your world using the details they can find through your emails. Most people today do banking transactions online and therefore people have their banking statements in the email as well. Hence, you need to ensure that you have a dedicated email address that you use for your gaming purposes. This would ensure that the hacker finds no personal or financial information via email. 

While you can enjoy the perks of playing online via internet games you need to focus on how you can minimize the risk of exposing your data to the hackers that can easily infiltrate into your account. With the right measures, you can ensure that you can secure your information while playing your favorite online games.