Many people are not aware of the jute rugs. Jute is also known as hessian. It is a long vegetable fiber strand that is used for making rugs. It is also spun in the form of strands and one of the things that you will know about jute rugs is that the rugs are coarse. You must have seen that most of the time we get bags in the market that is burlap fabric. So, this burlap fabric is also created by jute i.e. hessian. The jute rugs are natural fiber rugs and these rugs are prepared by hands using other plant fiber also along with the hessian. Jute rugs are one of the most suitable and the beautiful home décor that you can ever get. 


Soft Jute Rugs


One of the best parts that you will know about jute rugs is that these rugs are also available in multi-color. You can check online the jute rugs, which come from natural shades to other popular colored shades. These rugs are durable, soft, and natural. It is also soft. Another best thing that you will know about jute rugs is that the rugs are very pet-friendly. Your pets would love to rest on the rugs. Also, you will note one thing that is these jute rugs don’t get dirty or dusty soon. It requires specifically a vacuum cleaning which is an easy task.


Beautiful Scent that Keeps Bugs Away


Jute rugs are the kinds of rugs that mix well with different kinds of home decoration types and whether you are placing it beside any furniture or simply on a plain floor. Natural texture to the rooms is added if you choose to place an original jute rug that comes in tan color. Another thing that you will notice about the jute rugs is that the jute rugs have an earthly scent, especially the original one. One of the things that you may notice about the jute rugs is that initially if you step over it, it may be a little hard or rough, but after some time it becomes soft. It is natural and a part of the Jute rugs. 


How to Clean Spills – 


You will get a smell of rope but one of the best things about jute rugs is that the smell is good and keeps bugs at bay. Also, if you want to clean the jute rugs then it is easier, as you can clean the spills like sauce with a cloth or paper towel. Regular vacuuming is important to clean the rug. In case if you want the spill of the sauce to be removed, you will have to damp the jute rug and use a mild soap liquid and a toothbrush. Gently scrub on the rug area where there is a spill and wipe it with a damp cloth. The mark will go. 


Use Baking Soda for Smell – 


If the jute rugs are washed, then their color can turn different. Plus, if the rugs have a bad smell then you can use some baking soda, sprinkle on it and leave it to absorb any kind of odor. Due to the oils released from the fiber at the time of washing, jute rugs’ color turns brown. Another thing you will note is that Floorspace jute rugs never shed. It’s intact. In addition, you can get a pad beneath the jute rugs to prevent from slipping.