Today, hygiene standards in commercial spaces are a particular concern. Public restrooms were never soaring in popularity, but the pandemic has created even bigger worries when it comes to the cleanliness of the space as well as the cleanliness it allows for. Allowing for a hand-washing experience that satisfies all hygiene standards has thus become a priority for all businesses.

As you’re probably aware, the act of handwashing is not completed after rinsing off the soap. It’s also essential that we properly dry our hands before leaving the restroom. In commercial spaces, there are generally two options for this: paper towels, and hand dryers. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, relying purely on paper towels in 2022 may not be the most ideal solution. If your commercial bathroom is in need of an upgrade, here are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in an efficient hand dryer device.

1. It’s practical and convenient

The first convincing reason why switching to a commercial hand dryer will pay off lies in its convenience. Much like automatic faucets and no-touch soap dispensers, a hand dryer also requires zero effort from the side of the user. All they need to do is place their hands under the device and they can walk off with dry hands. No need to touch any buttons. Old models used to be slow and inefficient, but new, modern hand dryers are high-speed and will dry hands in a matter of seconds, creating an extremely pleasant customer experience.

However, installing a commercial hand dryer is convenient for the business owner just as much as it is convenient for those using the restroom. As opposed to paper towels, which constantly run out and need to be restocked, once a hand dryer is installed, little maintenance will be necessary. In addition, it’s almost inevitable that paper towels end up creating a mess in the restroom that will need to be cleaned up multiple times a day. Considering this and restocking needs, it’s clear that a hand dryer will cut down on the labor needed to maintain the bathroom. It also eliminates the risk of the paper towel running out and customers and clients having a poor experience (in addition to a negative impression of your establishment.) A hand dryer is always in order.

2. It’s eco- and wallet-friendly

The next reason why you should consider getting a commercial hand-dryer is that it’s a great investment overall. Being a one-time purchase, it naturally requires an initial investment, but that investment will pay off in the long term. We already mentioned that less labor is needed for maintaining a hand dryer when compared to keeping paper towels stocked. This is the first way in which a hand dryer will save you money. Next, paper towels may not seem like a huge expense, but it’s certainly an ongoing one that adds up over time, especially in a high-traffic bathroom. Operating a hand dryer will only cost a fraction of that.

But there is another important aspect to consider here, and that is the price of each hand-drying method for the environment. The carbon emissions that the production and transportation of paper towels generate make this option much less sustainable compared to the electricity needs of a modern hand dryer. But that is not all. Another crucial advantage hand dryers have over paper towels is that they don’t generate waste. Used paper towels constantly fill trash cans, and then they go to landfills where they continue to decompose and pollute the environment. In addition to that, trash cans also need to be lined with plastic trash bags that similarly get disposed of. Waste is a growing eco concern nowadays, and we need to cut back on it wherever possible.

3. It boosts hygiene

Last, but certainly not least, another convincing reason to invest in a commercial hand dryer is that it will improve the hygiene levels of your restroom. As we already said, hand dryers operate automatically, like modern faucets and soap dispensers. The fact that no button needs to be pressed is not only convenient but also hygienic. The fewer surfaces are touched within the restroom, the fewer bacteria will be spread around. Hand dryers contribute to a contactless public bathroom, which has become an ideal to strive for in light of the pandemic.

We also mentioned that paper towels can always run out, and failing to restock them immediately will mean that people need to leave the restroom without drying their hands. The reason why it’s important that we dry our hands after washing them is that when wet, they become like magnets for germs. As soon as we walk out of the restroom and touch something, our efforts at washing our hands will be rendered useless. Of course, people can opt to skip using a hand dryer even when it’s at their disposal, but there’s less of a chance that if you install a highly efficient contemporary model they will trust you to do a good job.

Clearing your doubts

In your decision-making process, you will likely come across a number of counterarguments that may make you feel unsure about your decision. One of the most commonly brought-up arguments against hand dryers is their questionable hygiene. A warm-air hand dryer seems to provide the perfect environment for bacteria to gather and multiply, blowing them all around the space once turned on.

While that is usually not a notable concern in a normal setting, it’s worth mentioning that hand dryers have come a long way since their starting days. Jet dryers don’t use hot air; rather, they flick water off your hands with powerful airflow. New models even have HEPA filters and antimicrobial technology to prevent bacteria from taking residence in the hand dryer. Concerns about efficiency also mainly relate to older models since new dryers are fast and quiet.

As online stores are continuing to gain traction, one might think that we are soon seeing the end of shopping malls and similar commercial facilities. While that is far from the truth, it is clear that public spaces need to step up their game so people feel completely safe in them. Upgrading your commercial bathroom with a hand dryer is a sound investment, for financial, ecological, and practical reasons as well.

However, it’s clear that not just any hand dryer will cut it. Be sure to do your research and pick a model that is not only attractive but also efficient and places special emphasis on keeping bacteria at bay. Once installed, you will find that without overflowing bins of used paper towels, your commercial bathroom looks much neater and exudes trustworthiness.