A family car should provide people with enough space and should have adequate power for everyday usage. The 2022 Chevrolet Suburban offers this and more. Thus, most people and experts believe that it should be one’s first choice in family car segment. People looking to get one can contact Winslow Chevrolet dealerand get the details they need. However, before that, you should go through the overview of this vehicle given below.

V8 complements this vehicle

One of the best aspects of this SUV is that it is equipped with different V8 engines according to one’s preference. The engine lineup consists of a diesel version and a couple of V8s. Each engine is mated with an automatic 10-speed transmission. The base V8 is a 5.3L engine that creates 355 horsepower. Apart from High Country trim, this is the default engine that is placed under the hood of a Suburban.

Another V8 that can be equipped on higher-end models include a 6.2L engine that creates 420 horses. Lastly, the diesel choice provides 277 ponies only but makes it up by having a torque of 460 lb-ft; this is same as the bigger V8.

Air suspension, adaptive dampers, etc. are some of the optional features that an individual can opt for. Air suspension on Suburban became popular due to its ride height adjustment, better accessibility for passengers, ground clearance, and aerodynamics.

The stats show that it is more than enough when it comes to power for a family car. Such powertrains make everyday work efficient. Thus, it is one of the reasons why people love to utilize this vehicle as a family car.

Cabin space

Apart from having a supreme powertrain, another aspect that makes this vehicle a family car one needs is its roomy cabin. The cabin offers ample space, where 8 passengers can sit comfortably. Even people on the second and third row have enough legroom and headspace to enjoy the comfort every ride provides.

Moreover, the cargo area can be expanded to a total of 145 cubic feet by stowing the second and third rows. When compared with its earlier models, the 2022 version supplies people with more space and thus, makes it a perfect family automobile.

In addition, to provide more comfort higher-end trims comes with leather upholstery, additional cushions for better lumbar support, and more. To get a good view of the interior and experience what a 2022 Suburban can offer, visit Winslow Chevrolet dealership.

Amount you need to pay for this vehicle

This car’s price starts from $54k. Its trims include LS, LT, RST, Z71, Premier, and High Country. Price of each of these variants are $54,795, $60,245, $63,745, $65,744, $68,445, and $75,445 respectively.

It will depend on you, which trim is within your budget and will fulfill all your requirements. If you want to enjoy the best Suburban experience then opt for High Country as apart from a stunning performance, it also provides various luxurious aspects.

Thus, it is time to visit a Chevy showroom and take a look at this vehicle!