Web Development is a Method Through Which You Can Provide Company Services And Services To People Through Many Search Engines. The Website Was Seen in The World Around The World in 1991 Through The Internet And Today The Demand of The Website is Increasing Day By Day And in Today’s World, People Have Demanded The Website To Boost Their Business.

Website Development

A Website Can Be Defined As a Collection of Multiple Pages That All Relate To Each Other, Which Can Grow Your Business And Share New Technologies With People. Is Related To And Can Be Seen on The Homepage of Internet, Google Opera, and Yahoo Yandex Search Engine What Website Developers Do.

It can be said that website developers basically create a website About The Information of a Company or other business, by submitting the information of that business or company; They Provide Services to people through search engines. Scripting languages ​​have to be used for website construction, website pages content, designing and editing, using creative content to build website.

Website structure

Whenever you design a website, where it is using HTML, WordPress in any language, but the design of your website should be something that all devices can open your website easily. This is a good website structure. There are a few different parts of a website that you see the structure of.

What is website design

Web design refers to the design of a website that appears on the Internet. It usually shares people’s experiences. Around 1991, when the website started coming into the world, now only computers were running the website, but now in 2010 almost the same is being designed for mobile and tablet and Google has said that December, 2020 new update, Google said that Now the website that will be designed should be mobile friendly, if it is not that your website will not be mobile friendly then your website rank.

Responsive design

The best and popular topic for web designing which is widely discussed and responsive design is that the quality of a website should be good, such as whether the device is a desktop or laptops or a tablet or a mobile, all easily. You should be aware that in the update given by Google in 2020, whatever website you are creating; it should be open in Surrey device.

Backend technologies


PHP is one of the backend end languages ​​not known as scripting languages ​​in the world. When a PHP page is requested, the server passes the PHP code.


NET is an open source programming language designed to create applications and services that use NET technologies. 


Java backend is software that runs on servers connecting to databases and mainframes.


.1 Some Resources.

2. Markup Languages and Such. 

3. HTML. 

4. Development Tools/Environment.

5. CSS. 

6. CSS. 7. Styling Text. 

8. Styling Boxes

9. JavaScript. 

10. JavaScript Language. 

11. JavaScript Objects, prototypes, 

12. Networks, HTTP, and Servers.

Markup Languages and Such.

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language-KML – Main Complete Markup Language-SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language-XHTML – extensible Hypertext Markup Language-XML – extensible Markup Language

What is HTML?

 Hypertext Markup Language (html) is a coding language through which you can develop a website.

Development Tools/Environment.

It provides a list of page software development environments. It provides software downloadable and downloadable tools for software programming.

Cascading Style Sheets

It is a spaceless language that is used in HTML and xml. CSS is one of the main languages ​​of the open website and as such is standardized in web browsers.

Contact Form

This is a contact form that must be in your website, because if you have run an aids in life, then if a user wants to take service of your website, then he will use your website only through your From.

Stylish box

The styling box is used for more social media ads, it is very stylish and very


JavaScript is a less lightweight cross-platform and defined scripting language. It is known for developing a web page. Many non-browsers also use these environments which can be used for JavaScript.

 JavaScript Language.

JavaScript, often provided as Jus, is a programming language that conforms to ECMA Script restructures. JavaScript is high-level, often compiled only in time.