Web Developers

Don’t you think having a list of resources by your side is the best thing when you are in the process of improving yourself as a web developer? Well, it surely does and Github is something that helps you with that. It provides a space called a repository to store all the information that you require. This is important to have because it does not only help you focus on functionality and best practices but also eliminates the redundant efforts that go into learning the right tools and finding the right set of resources. This majorly improves the quality of web design and development services that a web developer is required to perform. However, the harder part is to find the right repository since there are so many Github repositories available to choose from. So, to make it easier for you to choose, we compiled a list of the top 5 Github repositories that can help you grow as a web developer.

The Art of Command Line

When you are into a field as complex as web development you are bound to become better and efficient day by day. Also, because it saves a lot of time so it helps you as a developer to do all your tasks as conveniently and efficiently as possible. However, it is important to be comfortable with the command line, and that can be achieved by simply knowing your way around it. Well, talking about the command line repository, you would be pleased to know that it contains way too many tips and tricks that are proved to be helpful when it comes to certain situations. It also saves a lot of time over other alternatives so it is considered very useful for beginners along with experienced command-line developers. It mainly focuses on the Linux command line as it contains sectors for both macOS and Windows.

Frontend Development Bookmarks

Speaking about the fronted development bookmark, this repository has the potential to contain a well-organized collection of resources that facilitates the development process for front-end web developers. This repository has all the required components whether it is about architecture to user-interface. Moreover, this repository provides a wide range of front-end technologies so all you are required is to know to build a modern front-end. However, even if you are not familiar with certain aspects of front-end development, you should still go with this repository.

Developer Roadmap 

The website developer roadmap repository is known as one of the most efficient Github repositories as it contains a path for frontend, backend, and other developers. So, it helps you have a clear understanding of the landscape and guide you if you are confused about anything in the process. Moreover, it also contains three graphs to guide in every path that you take. You are also able to keep track of what skills you have and those that will be needed for your task. However, there’s no such thing as you have to put in a lot of effort and time to learn. This is because you can learn part by part instead of learning everything all together.

CSS Protips

Now talking about CSS Protips, it is one repositor that contains a lot of tips that help you in improving your CSS skills. Besides, it is a well-known fact that it is really hard to style a web page but with the help of the tips that you get on the list, it helps you solve the problems that may occur in the development process. Along with that, these tips shared in this repository also help you get a robust foundation in terms of styling skills and it can also help you use them right away. Moreover, the content can also be translated into multiple languages.

Awesome Cheatsheets

Lastly, let us discuss one of the majorly helpful repositories and that is awesome cheatsheets. You may agree with the fact that every developer has used them at least once in their developing career. Well, that is because it has been very useful as it allows several functions even if you are in the middle of learning an entirely new programming language or framework. So, you are not required to form cheatsheets on your own as it is already prepared for you to use and utilize. Moreover, the awesome cheatsheets repository also provides cheat sheets that are useful for pretty much everything whether it is for the frontend to backend and databases to tools.

So, these are some of the top 3 best Github repositories that are useful for website developers. We hope that you get the help from the repositories mentioned above to choose the best one that can suit your needs and expectations. Moreover, all of them are the best picks so whichever one you choose, you believe that you must get benefited from it in your development process.