Colors play an important role in giving life to anything and everything. Imagine living in a black and white world where you can’t differentiate between things because of the monotony in the color scheme. Sounds suffocating, isn’t it? Well, that’s the exact position you put your visitors in when you use default colors or sometimes no color at all on your website. Talking about colors, the most important aspect is to make the correct choice as that’s where half the battle is won. You need to have a deep knowledge of your brand and color scheme whether it is for choosing the right set of colors for a website or for your brand logo. This is important because the right choice of colors not contributes to the growth of your brand but also impacts the revenue of your business.

Website Design
Hence, while you pick the color scheme for your website, you should maintain a balance between making web design pleasing to the eye and impactful to invoke customer’s will to explore more and eventually buy from you. This balance is so skeptical that most businesses prefer to invest in professional website design and development services to ensure the best results. If you ask us, we suggest that it can be a smart approach, but do you know what will prove to be smarter? Well, knowing the answers to the following questions even before getting started with the designing process or even before investing your money in hiring professional services. This is because it will not only help you choose the right color scheme for your website but also enlighten you with its importance in your website design.

So, here are some of the top questions that you need to answer yourself to be able to choose the correct colors for your web design.

  1. What are the uses of colors while designing a website?
  2. Which are basic colors? And how they impact perceptions?
  3. How do conventional tips help in choosing colors?

Now that we have given you an overview of the significance of colors in web design, let us answer each of these questions one by one to have a better understanding.

What are the uses of colors while designing a website?

To run and grow a business, you must focus on its branding, and when it comes to branding one of the major way to do is through using colors. This is the reason color branding is given so much importance while designing a website. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a color scheme for your website and again several more ways through which you get benefitted from it. The first one being that colors make elements stand out so by choosing the right set of colors, you not just make the visitor aware of what to choose but also benefit from it as most of the time, these highlighted sections of the website direct the visitor to make a purchase. Another factor is too straight to be overlooked and that is to play with colors to make the call-to-action button more evident and eye-catching for the visitors to click on it and buy from you. Lastly, to talk about the uses of colors while designing a website, you should know that colors influence the way how your visitors feel about your website. All of these things come under color psychology and this aptly justified the usage of color while designing a website.

Which are basic colors? And how they impact perceptions?

To give you an introduction about basic colors, we will talk about a few most preferred colors that are used by different kinds of websites of different kinds of websites to convey altogether different kinds of messages. With that, we will also discuss the impact that these colors have on users’ perceptions.

Red- Let us start off with the color red. As you may have guessed by now, red color represents urgency, passion, emergency, and sometimes even aggression. While if you look a little closer, you will realize that this powerful color has lots of shades that portray different emotions such as a bright red color evokes excitement and this is the reason it is majorly used by food companies. Whereas a darker shade of red has a very luxurious tone to it making it a prime choice for high-end businesses.

Blue- While if we talk about the color blue, you will realize that it largely promotes trust, productivity, and professionalism. Though it has way too many shades in this single color, yet all of its shades provide similarly strong values when it comes to impacting a visitor’s perception. It mostly talks about professionalism and creativity.

Black- Now comes the turn for the most classy yet simplistic color and that is the color black. Though a lot of people may confuse using black color in a web design with a bland color choice. Well, it can be partly true if you don’t combine the color black with other colors and fail to come up with a wonderful combination. Talking about its impact, well, it gives the impression of sophistication and wealthiness to the brand which helps to attract wealthy clients.

How do conventional tips help in choosing colors?

 Over the past decades, since the world has become digitalized, users have become familiar with some of the conventional aspects of a website. This is the reason why these aspects are intact as they are too impactful and important to be replaced. Talking about these aspects specifically, having ample white spaces on the website comes on the top as it not only makes the website more put together but also gives the visitor a necessary breathing space to be able to explore more and come to a conclusion. So, you must make the use of white color to give the interval between your choice of bright colors. It will not only help you balance out the colors on your website but also makes it look more attractive. Another conventional tip is to use the color wheel while selecting the color for your website. This is important to be considered as contemporary colors contrast each other very well and give a greater impact.

So, here we have presented a definitive guide to explain the importance of colors in a website design and defines the purpose of website. We hope you must get a clear understanding of it. We hope that these tips will help you choose the right color scheme to form a wonderful website design but do you know what can help you even better? Well, indeed a helping hand from professionals. Auxesis Infotech is all set to help you as it is widely known as the leading website design and development agency that has been successfully providing the best quality results in all sorts of web services over the past successful years.