Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram; It appeals to the visual sense, works fast, can be used on a mobile phone or tablet and is very simple to use. So the advantages are huge.

10 Tips for Newbies at Instagram

There is no better time to start Instagram than today. You can learn 10 tips to maximize the Instagram experience for those who are just starting to use Instagram in this article and you can start gaining followers on Instagram and increasing your interaction rate.

1. Share interesting and colorful photos and videos

Instagram is a platform that is all about adding value to your followers. If you want to get more interaction, you should pay more attention to this factor. Your main goal to get more interaction; Share photos and videos on other Instagram users that will create any emotion such as happiness, joy, motivation, nostalgia, love and temperament. Multi-colored and high-quality photos are generally the posts that achieve the most interaction on Instagram.

2.Avoid excessive use of photo filters

Instagram offers a number of filters that its users can add to their photos and automatically increase the style and image quality in the photos. However, this trend is slowly disappearing. Now users want to see photos that are rich in color but still look natural. Using photo filters can be persuasive, but whenever possible, be careful not to use them in an exaggerated way. Try to limit yourself by choosing filters that keep the colors and contrast in your photos normal and natural.

3. Don’t overdo the use of hashtags

By using hashtags, you can greatly expand your capacity to reach users on Instagram. Thus, you will attract new followers and have the opportunity to get more interaction. Unfortunately, some users can exceed the limits of using hashtags. The captions in their posts are completely invaded by hashtags, and you have a very high chance of encountering situations where hashtags are not even related to the theme of the shared photos. If you are going to use hashtags, try to minimize their number as much as possible and use keywords related to the topic of your post as hashtags.

4. Use the ‘discover’ tab to discover new amazing content

The Explore Tab on Instagram covers the area where the most popular photos and videos are shown. The photos that will appear in the Explore tab are specially selected for you according to the photos and videos liked or commented on by the people you follow. By reviewing the Discover tab frequently, you can identify new accounts to follow and fun shares to interact with.

5.Share often to keep your followers interested

If you want to be in constant interaction with your followers, you have to produce new content frequently. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to share 10 photos for each day. Sharing content once a day or every two days is an ideal plan to capture the attention of your followers. Don’t be surprised if you lose a few followers if you haven’t posted anything for a long time.

6.Contact specific people using Instagram Direct

It’s a pretty good idea to post frequently to keep your followers interested, but in some cases, you don’t have to make publicly visible posts for each of your followers. In these cases, you can directly contact your selected followers and send them the photo or video you think they will like, via private message. Instagram Direct is indeed a very useful function to reach only a group of users belonging to a certain group without having to show your content to everyone.

7.Keep in touch with your followers

Never ignore your loyal followers who like your photos and comment on your posts frequently. If you ignore these people, you will eventually lose them! Instead, show them how much you value your followers. Reply to your followers’ comments on your posts, even go to their accounts and like their photos and even post comments on their content. Using third-party services such as Iconosquare, which was once known as Statigram , you can track comments and easily identify the followers who interact with you the most.

8. Buy followers

Buying Instagram Followers is very popular these days. You have the opportunity to reach a large number of followers at very affordable prices.

9. Try to get shootout

Communication with your followers is always recommended, but remember that the more people you reach, the better it will be for you. Shout out to other accounts with similar followers or s4s (shout out in exchange for shout out) with these accounts can be a very fast and effective strategy to reach the audience you want. The term S4s means that two users agree to shout out to each other, ie to introduce each other to their followers. This is actually the primary technique that many Instagram users prefer to increase the number of followers of their accounts by thousands.

10. Follow the latest Instagram trends.

The use of hashtags and shout outs can be great strategies, but remember that such trends have an expiration date. If Instagram is a social media channel that you want to focus on seriously, you should follow the latest Instagram trends and apply these trends to your own account in order not to fall behind other accounts and not to lose your valuable followers.