Screen printing is a lucrative business because individuals and businesses want screen printed t-shirts for different reasons. Particularly, businesses want to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Hence, they consult a screen printing service to get their hands on quality promotional t-shirts. One needs to comprehend the fabrics for screen printing. The better the quality of a fabric, the better the quality of a print on a tee. You have plenty of t-shirt options for selecting your blank tees for screen printing, It is not easy to know which t-shirt will undergo printing well without seeing it personally or feeling the fabric.

Types of Fabric for T-Shirt Screen Printing:-

Three fabrics support custom screen printing, including Polyester, Cotton, and Blended fabrics. Let us review these fabrics to realize how they are good for printing t-shirts:

  • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fabric, that is, durable, quick-drying, and lightweight. This fabric is popular among athletes. Polyester is a suitable fabric for sublimation prints than DTG (Direct To Garment) prints. Nevertheless, DTG prints are more reliable than sublimation prints for most tees. Hence, one has to ask questions to his/her apparel decoration service provider about the print quality when using polyester tees. Screen printing service providers guide individuals and businesses correctly on how to enhance the print quality of polyester tees.
  • Cotton: Standard cotton, Ring-Spun cotton, and Combed cotton can undergo the printing process. Standard cotton is the ideal choice for better prints than polyester, and its print lasts through washes. Nonetheless, Ring-Spun and Combed cotton are soft and more durable than standard cotton. Ring-Spun cotton supports high-end prints. Its stronger yarn and softer feel create a smooth surface for the fabric to support better quality prints than standard cotton. Combed cotton is without impurities before it undergoes the spinning process. Again, Combed cotton is stronger, softer, and of high quality; thus, it yields stronger prints. Both Ring-Spin and Combed cotton prints are more durable than standard cotton.
  • Tri-Blend Fabrics: More often than not, tri-blend fabrics include 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 25% Rayon. However, not all tri-blend fabrics are cotton, polyester, and rayon. Usually, tri-blend tees are very soft, stretchier, and possess a vintage effect. DTG screen printing is ideal for cotton, but the tri-blend fabric is also ideal if you want a cost-effective printing base.

Is Fabric Weight Important for High-Quality Screen Prints?

Fabric weight becomes very important, considering the environment where people may wear printed tees. This, depending on the coldness and hotness of the climate, you should pick the right fabric weight tees. Heavier weight t-shirts can resist the cold better than lightweight tees and vice versa. Nevertheless, the fabric weight is not what creates high-quality screen-printed tees. Still, some apparel business owners think that heavyweight t-shirts are better for screen printing. Both lightweight and heavyweight fabric can create high-quality screen prints according to a reliable screen printing service.

Which T-Shirts Should You Choose for Screen Printing?

You will find t-shirts of various brands online, ranging from basic to premium brands. However, shopping from an online wholesaler can help you save enough on your purchase. Moreover, you get a huge discount when you shop for blank t-shirts in bulk from an online store. A few of the popular blank t-shirts for high-quality screen printing you may find online include tri-blends, soft-style, and lightweight. Bella Canvas, Gildan, and Anvil are some popular blank t-shirt brands. Therefore, you can capitalize on their ideal fabric t-shirts to utilize them with high-quality prints. Here are a few suggestions to help you utilize t-shirts with high-quality prints.

  1. Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirts: We have already mentioned that tri-blend fabrics support high-quality screen prints. If you opt for unsex tri-blend t-shirts, you can utilize them for both genders, besides a printing option
  2. Lightweight Cotton T-Shirts: Choosing a lightweight cotton t-shirt will help your prints to last longer. Moreover, lightweight cotton t-shirts are soft and highly breathable. Thus, you can choose lightweight cotton t-shirts if you want to feel comfortable with your printed tees.

It all depends on your customers, business, and individual’s preferences to choose the right t-shirts for prints. Besides quality, a fit of a t-shirt is also important because no one wants to feel uncomfy wearing a tee.


You may want to print blank t-shirts, based on your individual and business preferences. However, consulting a credible screen printing service is vital to get your hands on the best quality printed tees. Polyester, Cotton, and Tri-Blend t-shirts are your fabric options for printed t-shirts with quality. Cotton has the edge over Tri-Blend fabrics when it comes to exceptional quality prints. On the other hand, Polyester supports sublimation prints well than DTG prints. The fabric weight of a t-shirt only matters for printing based on the environment. You will find a variety of t-shirts in America from various brands that supports high-quality prints. A few popular brands for tees include Bella Canvas and Gildan. Lastly, you can choose the right option for printing a tee with quality, based on your preferences.