Jennifer’s parents divorced when the baby was only six months old. And when the young actress began to live with her mother in Los Angeles, she had long been leading the life of a completely adult person.


Jennifer is said to have had an affair with Enrique Iglesias. The relationship began after the actress starred in a video with a hot Latin American. The participants in the filming process said that the kisses in front of the television cameras from the stars were real.

Since 2005, the actress dated actor Ross McCall. In 2007, the couple announced their engagement, but broke up a year later.

Jennifer received her name from her older brother, who asked to name her sister after his beloved at that time. The girl received her second name Love from her mother, who wanted her daughter to be lucky in love.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Body Measurements & Size – From Feet To Weight

Name: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Birthday: February 21, 1979 (41 years old)

Place of birth: Texas Weiko

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Zodiac sign: Pisces (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Goat

Career: Foreign musicians 162 place

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2012 “Client List”

2011 “Lost Valentine”

2011 “Beauties in Cleveland”

2010 “Client List”

2010 “Cafe”

2010 “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

2008 “Soldiers of Failure”

2007 “Delgo”

2006 “Garfield 2”

2005 “Diary of a careerist”

2005 “Ghost Whisperer”

2002 “Tuxedo”

2001 “Heartbreakers”

2000 “The Audrey Hepburn Story”

1999 “Kings of Rock”

1996 “House arrest”

1995 “There are five of us”

1992 “Munchie”


2006 – Cool with You: The Platinum Collection

2002 – BareNaked

1996 – Jennifer Love Hewitt

1995 – Let’s Go Bang

1992 – Love Songs