good gift-giving gesture

Gift plays an important role in our social culture. People give gifts on social occasions like birthdays, wedding parties, anniversary parties, and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year, and many more like these. In most situations, our social culture demands gift-exchanging gestures. At other times, a gift can strengthen the relationship between two people. However, if you want to rebuild an old relationship with someone, sending a nice gift is the best way to do this.

Instead of picking up a random gift from the shelf, choose a personalized gift as per the recipient’s personality, it will create a more positive impression on the person. Send personalized and unique gifts online in India to your loved ones even when you are staying abroad – far away from your family and friends.

Gifts can build and reinforce a relationship:

People usually give gifts to establish or retrieve a connection with their loved ones. It means a gift is the reflection of a special bond between the sender and the recipient. By sending a gift you can easily express your true feelings for someone. However, sociologists say people often send gifts to people whom they want to maintain relationships with.

It’s the best way to show love and affection:

As we have said earlier, a gift is a symbol of love and affection between two people. The theory – of “symbolic interactionism” is applied here. For example, if you want to send a gift to the person you love, what would you choose to buy? Usually, people send flower bouquets as they are interpreted to symbolize love with their heavenly beauty and fragrance. Also, if you want to gift something unique to your school friend, a personalized photo collage frame can make your friend nostalgic with that sweet essence of childhood memories.

Symbolic communication:

Gifts create symbolic communication when received by someone. You often may fill with joy after having a nice gift from someone. Similarly, some gifts may have disappointed you because you have expected something more. Look a bit deeper into the fact. It happens because people often attach symbolic meaning to the gifts. It means that gifts are often interpreted as thoughtful ideas that can bring a happy smile to the receiver’s face.

To find a lifetime mate:

Psychologists say that most animals give gifts to their mates as an important part of their mating rituals. Civilized humans are no different from them. According to the research men who are more generous with gift-giving culture more, get better success to attract and retain their mates. However, the study also found that women are less likely to give gifts for mating and retaining partners. Rather they prefer to give gifts to friends and family members to strengthen relationships and social networks.

To help show affection:

Sometimes, people give gifts without expecting returns. For example, giving chocolates or toys to a child has no way to get returns. For example, you can give photo-printed mugs online to the youngest member of your family on his/her birthday. It could the best and easiest way to show your affection to the child.