Read this blog post to understand the key features of the best preschools in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has no shortage of good schools and is a great place to pursue studies for students of all ages. However, if you are looking for a school that fulfils all the criteria for all round education then you should remember a few things when you approach these schools for your child’s admission.

Why are pre schools in Ahmedabad so important for your child’s development?

Gone are those days when pre school meant reciting a few poems, circle time and learning alphabets. The education in preschools has changed drastically to keep up with the advances of the world and its new methods of innovative learning. Therefore it is important to understand this difference in approach before you choose a Ahmedabad preschool for your child.

Important features to look out for when you are searching for Montessori schools near you

Holistic Curriculum

Before you type “Montessori schools near me” in the search box, you might also want to add the term ‘holistic’ to the search criteria. A school is meant to educate children and give them the foundation to grow up and become responsible citizens. Colourful books and the traditional teaching methods are just not sufficient anymore in order to achieve this objective.

What you should look for is holistic education that centres on a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and not just literacy and numeracy skills. And these are provided in a school that follows the Montessori method of education along with a well curated framework that concentrates on the overall development of the child.

Parent Engagement

When your child is attending school for the first time, it is natural that as a parent you might feel apprehensive and anxious as to how the child is coping up in a new environment without your presence. A school should practice an open door policy and should involve parents and encourage active participation in the kid’s Montessori or preschool journey. Open communication should be the norm and the school should hold open houses, parent teacher meets and other family oriented activities regularly and should update the child’s development appropriately.

Top notch facilities inside the campus

Most international schools that offer the preschool / Montessori curriculum have state of the art campuses and other facilities like smart classrooms and virtual labs to aid in the skills improvement of the child and schools should have specific spaces for playgrounds and soft play areas.The Campus should have the latest technology to enable a safe and secure environment to all the students and faculty.

Excellent teaching faculty

Young children thrive in an environment that is warm and friendly. They need a surrounding they can trust and the teachers act as a guide and confidante when they handle children as they are the first point of contact inside the business. A preschool teacher should possess all the necessary skills to handle young children and should be well qualified and should be able to manage the tantrums of a little child.


There might be many Montessori schools near you, but it is also imperative to find the right curriculum for your child. The first 14 years of a child’s years are the most important as this is when they form perceptions and develop their senses and skills pertaining to the world around them.

Therefore, we should give them the right opportunities and the right platform to thrive in a positive way and transition smoothly into higher education without too much difficulty. Look for preschools Ahmedabad that provide holistic education and that have a reasonable and affordable fee structure.