The Emirati wonder Dubai is a blueprint of the limelight. The city has preserved its cultural assets from souks to the terrain. Tourists from all over the world come to witness these heritage belongings of Dubai. Desert safari Dubai is the mighty wide barren that invites the visitors to celebrate its festivity.

Desert Safari Dubai
Do you want to witness this exquisite conservation reserve of the UAE at the highest of its vibrance? Grab a private itinerary and be taken in its ethereal beauty. A private desert safari is perfect if you want to celebrate family events or plan a grand meet and greet.

Here are a few cheery happenings of a private desert safari that you’d never want to miss.

Private Desert Safari and Related Activities

The Venture Begin with a Private Pick up

Your luxurious tour to a desert safari in Dubai begins with a premium drive in a 4×4 offroad air-conditioned vehicle. Usually, a land cruiser is driven by a licensed professional to the terrain. It can carry 6 people in total along with the driver. A regal ride steadily takes you from the doorstep to your private camp among the dunes. After a few minutes of drive from the city side, catch the first magical view of nature’s cantaloupe.

The Crazy Thirty Minutes Ride

Usually, a standard dune bashing interval is of 15 minutes. However, a private itinerary offers you a minimum of 30 minutes dune drive. Bump into the heaps of the high dunes of Arabia in a 4×4 dune bashing vehicle. A hummer, land rover, jeep wrangler, or dune buggy are the ultimate thrill simulators installed at the dunes.

Dune bashing-related 4WDs are popular all over the world and attract a great number of thrill-seekers to this golden terrain. Rolling over the highs and lows of red Arabian dunes is a spine-tingling activity. So grab a private tour and enjoy an extended period of this crazy dune activity with your people.

Other Terrain Activities

Enjoy unlimited surfing on the Arabian sand by fixing your feet on a sandboard. Sand surfing is another popular activity at the dunes. Skiing on the Arabian sand with your squad is a super amusing terrain activity. Along with this, you can enjoy a complimentary camel ride as well.

Exploring the widespread sand sea on the camel’s back unveils aesthetic beauty secrets. You can spot rare wildlife of the desert, hop over every speed-breaking dune, and pose with the camels. Fall in awe by the striking views of the sandy contour. Ride this heritage means of transport of the Arabs and feel the surreal essence of nomadic life.

Resting in the Private Luxurious Camps

Staying in lavishly pitched camps is the most blissful experience in a VIP desert safari. Get treated with all the royal protocols on a nomadic land. The beautiful traditional-themed Bedouin camps reflect supremacy and coziness. The classic ambiance is made attractive by the installation of regal carpets, curtains, and comfy cushions. Along with this, wooden planks are also added for VIP dining.

The Arabian Majlis seatings in these Bedouin camps are special perks of a private desert safari. In these Majalis, you can enjoy smoldering shisha and hookah with the flavors of ecstasy.

The Luxurious Savory

Devour the one which you find most tempting first! A private desert safari offers a great feast for its VIP guests. The delicious savory includes various Arabian and international cuisines. Add up a little more spice to your taste buds with siders, salads, appetizers, and sauces. Enjoy veg and non-veg eatery along with the charcoal roasted BBQ.

There is also unlimited access to lots of refreshing beverages and snacks. These include serving Arabian coffee with dates, tea and Pahwa, and soft drinks. Moreover, there’s plenty of supply of mineral water as well. Just say it and you’ll have it!

When the Festivity Begins

Get awe-struck by the amazing display of art by desert safari hosts. Pick an evening or overnight private expedition to desert safari and have a blast! Watch the stunning portrayal of various Arabian dance forms and cultural shows at the campsite. Witness the spiritual Tanura dance in which the dancers bewitch you by their spinning moves on the soulful Arabian music. The stick and Khaleeji dance are other cultural dance forms that are performed there. Zumba and fire show by the stuntmen leave everyone stunned.

The exquisite belly dancers are also there to entertain the audience. They stun everyone by their flexible belly moves along with the juggling of swords and knives. A VIP desert safari is all in all a complete package of fun, thrill, and entertainment.

Exquisite Cultural Insights

The golden Arabian dunes are a perfect platform to indulge yourself in lively cultural activities. Many amusing activities are going on at the campsite. Out of these henna, printing is the one that captivated ladies and kids a lot. Get dressed in the traditional Arabian dresses and pose with the falcons. It offers you a great means of coloring yourself in the hues of red Arabian dunes.

Observing and capturing a falcon’s luring actions is also a great source of entertainment and cultural insight. Falcons are a heritage bird of Arabia that were used by Bedouins for hunting purposes in ancient times. All these engaging events at the campsite make desert safari an exceptional ground of inspiration.


So this was all about the exciting amenities of a private desert safari. If you want to make your trip to Dubai, specifically to the golden dunes an epic one, go for a VIP tour. Experience the adventures of a lifetime at one place. All those nomadic vibes of riding a camel and staying in the Bedouin camps come with luxuries.

The standard cost of a private itinerary to the dunes of Dubai ranges from 2000 to 5000 AEDs depending upon the facilities you pick. Although it’s not a budget-friendly tour but carries great amenities that are worth every penny.