You Need TerraMaster DAS or Thounderbolt 3 Solution

Chia, a kind of digital currency, is very popular recently. Unlike other digital currencies, Chia is farmed through hard drives, which means ordinary users can also easily participate in farming.

Chia was founded by Bram Cohen, a genius programmer and the father of BT. According to Bram Cohen, a powerful distributed network can be constructed by the idle computing power of users’ computer CPU.

The essence of Chia farming is that the software firstly writes the encrypted data to hard drive (Plots process), and then the farming program searches for the best answer in the Plotting files (farmer process). The more Plotting files you have, the more Chia bitcoin you will possibly get, that is more pay back from Chia farming. But many users may ask- what kind of hardware configuration is required for Chia farming?

There are currently 3 main types of farming equipment in the market: professional Chia farming device, NAS, and computer farming. Ordinary users like me can’t afford the farming device with relatively high configuration and price. Therefore, a suitable NAS or PC with hard drive enclosure may be a better and economical choice. However, large-capacity hard drives and SSDs continue to be out of storage in the current market and no matter what kind of equipment you choose, large-capacity hard drives are absolutely needed.

Facing with this difficult situation, I accidentally read a piece of Chia farming guide with TerraMaster NAS shared on internet, then I checked TerraMater official website and found out there are not only NAS, but also USB and Thunderbolt 3 array cabinets with multiple hard drives.

After a long time research, I finally made out the following perfect solutions with ultra-low price, strong performance, stable supply, and high flexibility to solve the problem of Chia farming without large-capacity hard drives.

Solution 1: PC + USB array cabinet

At present, the price of a 16TB hard drive, frequently out of stock is up to $749, while a 4TB hard drive is sold at the price of $84 around and is in sufficient supply. A TerraMaster 5-bay D5-300 USB3.1 array cabinet is $269, so a 5-bay hard drive cabinet + 5 * 4TB hard drives (in RAID 0 mode) have a capacity of up to 20TB, and it only costs $689. This solution costs less but obtains a larger capacity, which is the best choice at present.



In addition, PC supports multiple USB array cabinets at the same time. If the USB interface of PC is not enough, you can use USB HUB to expand the solution. With the RAID 0 function supported by PC or MAC itself, you can build a hard drive space larger than 100TB-200TB.


Solution 2: PC + Thunderbolt 3 array cabinet

Similar to the first solution, the more hard drives the array cabinet supports, the larger the combined space.

Compared with the USB array cabinet, the Thunderbolt 3 array cabinet has faster speed and higher efficiency. A Thunderbolt 3 device supports up to 6 devices connected in a daisy chain at the same time. Therefore, if six 8-bay D8Thunderbolt3 are connected and they are all equipped with 16TB hard drives, a single device can have a maximum capacity of 128TB, and six devices can reach an astonishing storage capacity of 768TB, which will help you become a ‘wealthy farmer’, and the large ‘planting area’ gives you more opportunities for harvest.

C:UsersmpshiDocumentsTencent Files2815287992FileRecv2(1).jpg

What a surprise! It is absolutely practical. After the preparation of the hardware, you can start to install the Chia software as follow: (show with my Mac)

1. Download Chia software


2. Open the installation package


3. Select ‘Chia’ and install

3. 选择Chia安装.png

4. Pay attention to the privacy reminder during installation, select ‘Open’


5. Enter the Chia page and create a new private key


6. Follow the prompts and remember your wallet password


7. Enter your own computer password in the prompt box


Chia farming is a game racing against time, and the larger ‘land area’ you have, the higher income you will get. At present, Chia is still in the early dividend stage, and its popularity will continue for some time. For users who pursue short-term investment, the solutions above are very helpful considering the lower budget. Looking forward to hearing your good news!