Blood Group Without the Kit at Home

How to check blood group without the kit at home?

If you want to check your blood type at home that you have to prick your finger with a small tool that can be called a lancet. And we place blood drops on a card. This shows this Blood is accumulating and then mixing those reactions with a guide. These tests for the presence of antigen and Rh factor. So we have results available before 3 min.

What can we call a full body checkup?

A full body checkup is a complete physical examination in which doctors perform a body examination by a general practitioner (GP). In this test we also check the organs inside our body. So that we get to know whether the organs inside our body are functioning properly or not, in this we need the body system. The lung system the intestinal system and Nervous system examination are included.

Can we face pain in a blood test?

When we go to a doctor or expert technician to get our blood test done. So before the blood test he checks the situation of your body. That your body reacts correctly. There is no problem before the blood test. So to take a sample of the blood test, they take it from a vein in your hand. In this we use a needle. when we put the needle in your vein. So at that time you may have to face slight scratches and pricks. But it is not so painful. If you are allergic to blood. So you can talk to the sample taker. So that he can do your blood test comfortably and you don’t have any problem.

What effects can blood test results have?

Many blood test results can affect.

  • Intense physical activity

  • Sunburn.

  • Some foods (like avocados, walnuts, and licorice)

  • Having sex.

  • Colds or infections.

  • Some medications or drugs.

Can we have weakness after a blood test?

When we feel sick and unwell. And we don’t care about medicine. Then everyone advises us to get a blood test done. When we go to the technicians or to the doctor to get our blood test done. So when we give our blood sample. We are already unhealthy. We may feel weak after a blood test. Because we are not allowed to eat or drink anything before the blood test. Because of this we may have to face weakness. That’s why we should lie down after the blood test. You need to rest until you feel healthy. But after the blood test, we feel weak for a few dears.

What type of blood tests do we do in a blood test?

There are different types of blood tests.

  • Troponin.

  • Blood glucose (HB a1c)

  • Cholesterol (lipid profile)

  • Liver blood test.

  • Complete blood count (FBC)

  • Urea and Electrolytes (U&E)

  • Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)

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