It is entirely up to you to make your own decisions, regardless of your business goals, targets, or models. These are the most important features that you need to consider integrating:

1. Content Management System

CONTUS VPlayed CDN offers you an integrated dynamic content management system that ensures content flows to the right viewers at the right times. It also provides effective analytics to store, manage and stream content.

2. 100% customizable

A movie streaming website that allows you to stream all types of videos online to create an exceptional viewing experience for viewers worldwide. For example, TinyZone where you will find all the details regards to free streaming sites.

3. White-Label Feature

You can now start a movie streaming service by trademarking your white-label video streaming services. This will allow you to avoid investing in an in-house development team to maintain it.

4. Payment Integration

Allow users to choose from multiple payment options. It can be set according to your preferences. Secure transactions are possible with video subscription plans.

5. Analytics in Real-Time

It’s no longer a concern to know how to cater to the audience’s preferred viewing. Create a streaming app that is specifically designed for movies and tv shows. Get trendy insights from the live dashboard.

6. Multi-Device Support

You can now stream to multiple devices, including Android, iOS and SmartTV. This allows you to reach a larger audience and provide unlimited, long-tile content anywhere, anytime.

7. Video Distribution & Syndication

CONTUS VPlayed makes it easier to manage your video distribution network. With the right tools for content syndication, you can have complete control over your revenue and content.

8. Faster playback

You can easily share content across devices and platforms with quick thumbnail movements, recordings, replaying tracks, ads, and audio tracks within the media player.

9. Offline Download

Instant download and best viewing experience with offline download. This allows users to download their favourite content and then watch it later on any device.

10. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

CONTUS Player’s inbuilt ABS lets you stream video content to any type of network bandwidth without buffering or affecting the streaming quality. This allows for a truly live experience.

How to make money with your movie streaming App 

The video platform’s revenue generation model is top-level. You can offer your audience many plans. For example, you can charge a monthly or quarterly fee. You can also have several heads up by offering free trial versions to speculate from your central library. These are the top options that we offer to help you leverage your library.

1. Subscribe

The SVOD platform Monetization model allows you to generate predictable, recurring revenue by offering a monthly subscription for user’s account.

2. Advertisement

 Advertising-based video on Demand integrated with different ad platforms to quickly and easily generate revenue. Interactive video ads that convert higher with customizable ad models.

3. Pay-Per-View

To quickly generate revenue, you can make every content on the platform available for pay-per-view.

4. Premium On-Demand Model

Premium video-on-demand model is used to classify newly received video content. This is also known as the “Blockbuster type”. This is a great way to make up lost revenue and place your content in a streaming market that is competitive with other movie studios, film distribution boxes office, etc.

5. Catch Up TV

Provide viewers the opportunity to view broadcasted and missed TV programs via the app or website as on-demand with a subscription model.

6. Hybrid Model

Hybrid Monetization can be one of the many options that you have to maximize your revenue. You can combine subscriptions with ads-based content to increase your profitability. It is a “median mode operandi”, which allows you to find a solution that improves your ROI.


After the strategy is set to create a video streaming app similar to Netflix, it is important to understand its purpose, content, and potential earnings. CONTUS VPlayed offers a high-quality streaming solution that is highly customizable, scalable, and has impeccable features. We can also customize it to make a streaming website similar to Netflix.