GMC is known for offering reliable and powerful vehicles to its clientele. The 2022 GMC Yukon is a combination of power and performance packed into a single unit. This is an ideal car that is spacious enough to be a family car and more.

People seeking to get one, can visit Asheville GMC dealer to check out the variants available first and then choose one. So, without a delay, take a look at the power, performance and more of this vehicle.

Yukon’s power and performance

The power and performance of this vehicle are directly related to the powertrain equipped for this vehicle. There is a range of choices available for engine selection. The first is V8 5.3L engine known to create 355 ponies easily. Another one is a V8 6.2L engine that creates 420 horses. However, this is not all; there is also a diesel engine 3L turbo inline-six option that generates a huge torque of 460 lb-ft. All of these engines are mated with an automatic 10-speed.

Most people who choose to get the diesel version are the ones that require towing heavily at regular intervals. However, if you are looking to off-road a lot, then AT4 model will serve this purpose ideally. The reason for this is that AT4 is fitted with 20-inch wheels, skid plates, air suspension, etc.

The fastest of them all is the bigger V8 that takes 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds. So, it will completely depend on you what you need this vehicle for and what features are preferred.

The V8s also offer a mileage of something around 16 mpg in cities and 20 mpg on highways. However, the diesel variant provides 21 mpg in cities and 27 mpg on highways.

Such powertrains are the reason behind the 2022 GMC Yukon’s power and performance. It is a performance-oriented powerful vehicle that can be used for numerous purposes. Hence, you need to visit Asheville GMC dealership to choose whichever model is ideal for your activities.

Some other details

Apart from power and performance, Yukon has a few other aspects that ensure people are attracted to it. One of such aspects includes its interior. The cabin is created using rich materials and designed to look like a modern SUV. Moreover, opting for higher-end trims opens up luxurious features that give this vehicle a posh vibe. Also, it is more spacious than you can imagine meaning it can carry ample cargo or passengers according to one’s requirements.

GMC has put a price tag of over $57k for its base trim. However, you need to opt for the luxurious Denali model, which costs $74,700 approximately. Opting for a Denali will offer you features that put its rivals much behind.

So, as you have noticed that the 2022 GMC Yukon is a vehicle packed with power, performance, and more; it is not hard to believe that it is one of the best vehicles that you can buy in recent times. Hence, visit a dealership today and get a unit delivered at the earliest.