Multiple organizations were already working remotely way before the COVID-19 crisis, while others were forced to stay-at-home and start working remotely. After a year, many of us are still working from home; it’s becoming the best option for both employees and employers.

Remote Working

To be honest, remote work has proved to be quite successful for many startups and enterprises. If you’re planning to start working with successful remote teams, you may even get benefits for your business in no time. An obvious benefit for each employee, no commute. None of us likes to face traffic every morning and evening.

When you give work from home flexibility to your workers, you will help them eliminate a source of frustration, even for a few days a week. No frustration means you are helping to strengthen employee’s morale.

Whether you roll our remote work plan smoothly or hastily thrown out of necessity, you may still have time to make adjustments. Just make sure that your plan for the remote team is aligning with your business. Or you can simply follow the below helpful tips and build successful remote teams;

  1. Communicate Proactively

Now when everyone is working in different locations and unable to charm your boss through personality, it’s time to take your communication skills to the next level. Use phone calls, online chat software, emails, video calls, and other reliable advanced tools to communicate virtually.

Remember, before you arrange a video call meeting, ask the other person when and how he/she wants to hear from you. Because some of your remote co-workers may not have the same software, or they may be unavailable at your dedicated time.

Follow other team member’s common preferences. Be prepared with your topics to discuss and over-communicate to make sure everyone knows your priorities and they are collaborating effectively.

  1. Clarify Expectations

With transparent and frequent conversations, you can clarify your company’s expectations with your boss and other co-workers. Ensure that everyone in your remote team knows your expectations regarding deadlines and the company’s goals.

As you proceed to work with tasks and projects, you must focus on managing the company’s expectations. You’ll be responsible for delivering updates and ask managers to clarify as needed. When you deliver tasks before the deadline, you can always ask for feedback because it will help you improve in the future. It also allows you to build trust and ensure your team members are on the same page as you.

  1. Set Office Hours and Stick to Them

Dedicate specific working hours along with schedule and inform your colleagues and boss. Now, follow the schedule properly as you do in the office. Thus, it also allows your co-workers to know when you’ll be available for a meeting or task and when you’re on personal time.

Making a suitable schedule also shows that you won’t work consistently long hours; it will support your work-life balance.

  1. Dress for the Job

Since you’ve started working remotely, you have the leverage to stay in your PJs all day long. But you have to resist this urge and dress up for work every day you can. It will bring a professional look to video meetings and help you be in a work mode every morning.

  1. Structure Your Days

To make work from home practice successfully, you must plan and make a structure of your days. This tip allows you not to waste your day or hours. Set goals, create to-do lists, and come up with a schedule that includes breaks and time when you can fully focus on work. The more proper structure you can build to succeed in remote work, the less you’ll be sidetracked.

  1. Create Dedicated Office Space

When you set up a workspace in-home, and it’s only for work, you’ll automatically eliminate a number of distractions. So, how and where to find a workspace in your home? Find a quiet room in your home, and no one uses that room for anything; it’s the perfect place to work.

However, the home office also provides you the freedom to switch it one after every few days. You can create a new or cool workspace; it will keep your work from home practice interesting.

  1. Use Task Lists and Time Management Tools

Ensure that you and your co-workers are working efficiently and have access to the advanced management tool. If one of the major keys to success for remote work, advanced tools for task management and communication can help track, organize, and manage workflow.

However, the remote team does not have any manager hovering over their shoulder inquiring for updates. It can distract you, or you may end up spending too much time on a particular project or task. Also, when you create a daily task list, you must use it to accomplish your goals smoothly. If necessary, you can search for other time management tools to track and meet deadlines.

  1. Take Breaks

With no working rhythm around you, it’s easy to forget to take a lunch break, get in a groove, or stretch legs with a walk. Breaks are important for any job; without breaks, you may lose your interest in work or fail to succeed in the future. The tip for small breaks is to set alarms as a reminder for the occasional break. This way, you can refresh yourself and focus on work efficiently and effectively.

  1. Avoid Personal Tasks

To become the best remote employee, you must not let a household takeover your daily schedule. Working in the kitchen or throwing a load of laundry in break time is fine, but don’t let miscellaneous work dictate your day. Ultimately, it will extend your day and regular working hours. These constant interruptions will affect your performance and productivity.

When you hire a dedicated remote team, these above tips help you make remote working successful. However, there are other ways to succeed in the remote work model. Why not hire a professional agency like Aspired and connect with an elite remote team?

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